Testimonial Stories

Testimonial stories from participants, visitors and observers will be posted to this page. We invite you to submit your story or testimonial about your experience with an ACLEW venue, program or service. Please contact us by: phone 419-531-2046, or email commonspace1983@gmail.com

We have been in operation for the past 31 years -- since 1983. No matter how recent or historical your story may be, we would love to hear from you and post your experience and/or the benefit that has resulted.

About Creativity Camp:

Rebecca Withnell Curtis — "My kids moaned when they 1st heard the camp was in an old school building. I told them too bad, they were going to try it anyway. After the 1st day my kids came out saying "we want to spend our whole summer here!" They have done many camps in Toledo and this camp is still their favorite. They loved making pottery, painting, acting, dancing and even bits of science. Fun-filled educational summer."

Interns at Common Space:

Kristine Posada, graduate of International Relations at BGSU, presently working as a Peace Corps volunteer in Peru

"My summer internship at Great Lakes Consortium for international Training and Development and the Arts Council has been a rewarding and valuable experience that I will carry with me in my professions after I graduate this coming August. I enhanced my communication skills as well as my skills in marketing and social media. Many of these skills were obtained through the development of the Pay it Forward Internationally Conference, and I was able to see the hard work and persistence that goes into organizing an event such as this program. Not only does the Pay it Forward Internationally Conference support a great cause, but it is also encouraging others to make a difference in their community, which I think is very important. Working with Martin and Ruxandra on the Pay it Forward Conference has also inspired me to want to contribute more to my community, and encourage others to do the same in any way that they can. I would have not been able to enhance my skills and gain experience in these specific areas simply from being in a classroom, and this is why I feel fortunate enough to have worked with such incredible people who continue to work for an incredible cause."